How Do I Adjust a Credit Card Tip? (First Gen 2.0)


For many credit card transactions the tip is received only after the check has already been closed. So how do you enter or adjust the tip amount after this has happened?


Follow these steps to adjust the tip:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  • In the top Menu Bar Tap Check Search
  • Type in the check number and tap Search
  • Locate the check that you are adjusting
  • Select Payment to Adjust Tip (There could be more than one credit card on the check so make sure to choose the correct one)


  • Enter the desired tip amount and tap the arrow to confirm the adjusted tip
 Generally tips may only be adjusted on the same date.




If the tip is previously entered incorrectly adjust the tip by entering the requested amount. Do not enter a calculated tip amount based on what has already been entered. For Example: If you entered a tip amount of 2 instead of 20 do not fix the amount by entering 18. Enter 20 instead.

 This method of adjusting tips is only supported on the Vantiv Platform. 

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