How do I Adjust or Disable Online Ordering Store Hours? (First Gen 2.0)




With a few easy steps, you are able to turn off or modify the hours for Qu web ordering. 

  1. Within Qu EI, navigate to Store Configuration for the selected store.
  2. Within Store Configuration, select Store Hours. You will see a section labeled Regular Hours and one labeled Holidays.
    1. To turn off web ordering for a single day, or modify store hours for one day only, scroll to the section labeled Holidays.
    2. If you would like to permanently change the store operating hours, click on the open time or the close time (respectively) in the Regular Hours section, update the time(s) and click save
  3. To make a one day change only, after scrolling to the Holidays section, click on the plus sign and select the date that the store will be closed.
  4. Type the reason that the store will be closed in the Display Text field (Optional).
  5. Move the widget left to close the store. (Green Bar with Circle on Right = Open) or enter hours for specific opening and closing times.
  6. Click Confirm and then Save.


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