How do I Modify Labor Hours (Time Entries) for Payroll? (First Gen 2.0)


Use time entries to view and adjust clock in and clock out times for all employees.

To adjust an employee’s time entry:

  1. Navigate to Time Entries under the Employees section
  2. Click on the name of the user that needs to be updated
  3. Select the date that should be updated
  4. A time entry can now be added if one is missing in the Add New Entry section or
  5. An incorrect entry can be updated in the Time Entries Section



You can also view and edit all employee labor hours in a calendar grid view.

  1. Click on the grid view button
  2. In the row that is next to the employee and role that needs to be edited, click on either the dash or the clock in/out entry
  3. Select the type of time entry (clock in and clock out, clock in and take a break, or return from break and clock out)
  4. Enter the time entries, click accept and click save



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