How do I Get Paid? (First Gen 2.0)


To accept payment for a check:

  1. Touch the '$ Payment" button at the bottom of the menu screen to pay and close a check.
  2. Next choose the appropriate tender type for payment such as cash, credit card, or gift card.
  3. Enter applicable tip and/or the tendered amount(s).
  4. Choose “Apply Payment.” Tendering the total amount due closes the check, posts the check to the Qu Cloud, and opens a blank, new check.

Hint: Swiping a credit, debit or gift card automatically opens the “$ Payment” screen

Adding multiple payment tenders to a check :

On the “$ Payments” screen, press the “+” widget until you reach the number of desired payments. The check totals will automatically divide equally by the number of payments.

If one or more guests wish to pay a different amount than an equal share, just touch the "Due" box and enter the desired amount. The other payments will automatically adjust.
You may split check payments by any number of increments and by multiple methods

Hint: When paying with multiple Credit/Debit Cards, you may swipe two or more cards in a row and the payment automatically splits evenly.

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