How do I Limit the Number of Times a Discount can be Applied? (First Gen 2.0)


There are 4 types of discounts but the fixed dollar discount is the only that allows limiting the number that can be applied to the check by the cashier. Additionally, this discount cannot be item specific (i.e. it can only apply to the check subtotal and not the item dollar value).

To limit the number of discounts that can be applied:

  1. Navigate to Discounts in Enterprise Intelligence and click the + to add a discount
  2. Assign a “Check Title” and a “report Title”
  3. Select “Fixed Amount, $” and set an amount
  4. Select the toggle next to “#Maximum Usages”
    • If it is grey you can set the number of times this discount can be applied
    • If it is green then the discount can be applied an unlimited amount of times
  5. Set the discount category, whether it is an item discount, and whether a reason is required.
  6. Click Save.



You will now have a toggle on the POS to set the number of times (up to the limit) the discount can be applied.



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