How do I Update Menu Prices? (First Gen 2.0)


It is often necessary to update your menu prices. If you require a deeper understanding of the menu structure before updating your prices, refer to Menu Structure below.

  1. Within EI, navigate to the menu – from the EI hierarchy.
  2. Select the category that contains the item you are updating.
  3. Select the desired item for pricing update
  4. Update the price of the item or item component:
    1. Item Base Price or Portion
      1. Select the Price of the portion or base price to be edited and type in the new price

In addition to a base item price, items can have additional price tiers associated with it. Price tiers allow for additional pricing such as happy hour/daily scheduling, district pricing, etc.

  1. Prep Instruction or Ingredients
    1. Select the prep instruction/ingredient group of the prep instruction/ingredient that needs to be updated
    2. Select the prep instruction or ingredient and type in the new price
  2. Ingredient Modifiers (only located on ingredients)
    1. Select the ingredient where the modifier is located
    2. Select the Modifier Group iii. Select the modifier and type in the new price

Ingredients, modifiers and prep instructions prices are unique to an item. If you need to update one of these for the entire menu (for example, cheese, espresso, dressing, etc.), you will need to find each item where the component exists and update the price there.


Image 1: Setting Menu Prices



Qu Menu Structure

Qu’s menu structure provides great flexibility in updating different prices; item prices and item component price may be updated in Qu.  The below figure explains the relationship between these components. A menu contains one or more categories; categories contain one or more items, and an item can contain (priced or non-priced) ingredients, prep instructions, modifiers and portions.


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