How do I Add or Update an Employee's User Group? (Next Gen))


 To gain access to Qu Enterprise Intelligence (EI - an employee must first have a user group assigned to their employee profile. These roles define the permissions that they have in EI.  Depending on the organization, several user groups may be available for assignment to users. View what access a User Group has by navigating to Security and clicking on the desired one.

There are two methods to assign a user group to a user. You can first go to the employee's profile or by first going to the user group.

Employee First Method:

  1. Select the user in the Employees section (you can search for the user in the search box at the left of the screen
  2. Scroll to Enterprise Intelligence Security at the bottom of the page
  3. If the user does not already have one, Assign a username and password
  4. In the user groups window, enter the name of the user group(s) (a user can have more than one user group) or select it from the drop-down 
  5. Once completed, scroll to the top of the page and click Save

User Group First Method:

  1. Select the applicable user group from the Security section
  2. In the user's window, type in the username of the user and select from the drop-down
  3. Once all applicable users have been added, Click Save

To learn how to create user groups and manage your permissions, please reference  How Do I Create Enterprise Intelligence Permissions (Roles & User Groups)?


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