Chapter 3: Adding Employees (First Gen 2.0)


Section 1: Adding an Employee   

Add employees at the enterprise or for individual stores.  From Qu EI navigate to Employees under the Employee section and click the plus sign to add an employee

  1. Enter the required information for the employee under Basic Information.
    1. Username and password
      1. Only required if the user will be accessing the Qu EI
    2. First Name and Last name are required fields (middle name is optional)
    3. PIN or Card ID
      1. Only required if the end user will be using the POS to take orders or clock in
    4. Hire Date, Email, Date of Birth, Address and Phone Number are all optional.

Figure 11: Creating an Employee Account


  1. Select the job titles applicable to this user (Figure 11). This assumes the necessary job title has already been created (See Section 2). Multiple job titles may be associated to a single employee.

Figure 2: Assigning a job title to an employee account

  1. The pay type (hourly or salary), their wage rate, and their job start and end date can be set for the employee.
  2. Click Save
  3. If the employee will utilize Qu EI, certain front line employees do not need access, then:
    1. Select the employee from the Go back to the employee list.
    2. Find the newly created employee and select Enterprise Roles
    3. Select the storefor which the permissions will apply
      1. Select the Enterprise Role from the dropdown and click the Assign button. Note:   This assumes that the Enterprise Role has already been created.

Figure 3: Assigning Enterprise Roles to an Employee Account

  1. Click Save


Section 2: Creating a Job Titles

Assign job titles to employees in order to associate specific security roles to the user. By assigning job titles with an associated security role, employees may be granted security rights such as voiding items or applying discounts. To create a job title, a security role must be created first.

  1. Navigate to security roles and click on the plus sign
  2. Assign a title to the role
  3. Select the security rights that apply to the roles*
  4. Click Save
If the user will only be allowed to clock in or out at the terminal select the Prevent Login permission.  An example of such a role is a prep worker only.
  1. Navigate to job titles at either the enterprise or store 
  2. Click on job titles and the plus sign
  3. Assign a Title
  4. Click Change
  5. Select the Security Roles (multiple can be added) that apply to the job title
  6. Click Accept and then Click Save

Once a job title is created it can be assigned to an employee.

Multiple job titles may be assigned to an employee. Some companies have regular store hours but have events (fundraisers for example) where an employee has a different job title or pay scale. This is an example where you may want to configure multiple titles for the same user.


Section 3: Creating Enterprise Roles

Enterprise Roles are collections of permissions that provide access to different features of Qu EI.  Enterprise roles can be assigned to either the location or the entire enterprise. 

To create an enterprise role:

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Roles
  2. Click on the plus sign
  3. Create a name for the role
  4. Select the desired configuration and report privileges
  5. Click Save


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