Chapter 4: Setting Store Hours (First Gen 2.0)


Store hours are primarily used for:

  1. A point of reference when viewing the Enterprise Intelligence Tool.
  2. If the stores are using web ordering, then this prevents a customer from making an order after the store has closed.

To set regular and holiday store hours, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate store locationin EI 
  2. Under the Configuration section click on Store Configuration and Select Store Hours
  3. To set regular store hours:
    1. Click on the day that needs to be set
    2. Set the Open Time and Close Time
    3. If the hours for a specific day need to be removed, click on the slider (under open) and make sure that it changes from green to black.

Figure 13: Adding Store Hours

  1. To set holiday hours:
    1. Click on the plus sign
    2. Select the day for the holiday
    3. Set the Display text
    4. Click on the slider to determine whether it is open (green is open, black is closed)
    5. Set the open and close times

Click Confirm

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