Chapter 2: Creating and Adding Discounts (First Gen 2.0)


Add discounts to Qu in two easy steps. 

  1. Create the desired discount
  2. Create a discount group and associate the discount to it
    1. A discount group allows multiple discounts to be added to it and then applied to multiple items as opposed to manually adding multiple discounts to multiple items.
    2. Adding menu items to the discount group
      1. There are two different methods of adding an item to a discount group. If the items have already been created prior to the creation of the group, this is the method to be used. However, if the item is being created after the group, the group should be added as part of the item creation process (as detailed in Chapter 1: Section 3: Creating an Item to Add to the Menu).


Section 1: Creating a Discount

Navigate to the enterprise level or the store level to which the discount will be applied, go to the configuration section and select discounts, and click on the plus sign

  1. Discounts can be configured in many ways including by:
    1. Check Title – The discount name visible on a receipt
    2. Report Title – The discount name on visible in Qu reports
    3. Amount – This can either be a percentage of the itemcost or a fixed dollar amount.
    4. Discount Category
      1. Discount
      2. Manager Comp
  • Coupon
  1. Is Item Discount? – Does this discount apply to the entire check or to a specific menu item. Selecting yes will make the discount an item discount.
  2. Require to Enter Reason for Discount?


Figure 1: Creating a Discount


Section 2: Creating a Discount Group

  1. Navigate to the enterpriseor store level that the discount should be applied to.
  2. Click on Discount Groups and select the plus sign in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Give the Discount Group a Title (Such as Holiday Discount or Summer Discount).


Figure 2: Adding a discount group


  1. Click on the plus sign to add the previously created discount to the group.
  1. Select the Discount
  2. Select the location that the discount should be applied to
  3. Select the order type
  4. If the previously set percentage needs to be overridden enter the desired amount in the text box

Figure 3: Creating a discount

Section 3: Adding Items to the Discount Group (Alternate Method)


Regardless of whether a check level or a single item discount is being used, all items that will have the discount applied should be added to the group.

  1. Click on the items section in the Discount group that was created.
  2. Click on the plus sign and search for the itemthat should be added to the group.
  3. Select the itemand repeat step 2 for each item to be added.
  4. Click Save

Figure 4: Adding items to a discount group


Section 4:  Discount Screen


The default Discount screens can be overridden by adding a manual one. This will most often be used if there is a corporate discount but the store needs to override that setting. It can also be used if there are different discounts that apply to different meal periods (All Day, happy hour, Breakfast, Wing Wednesdays, etc.).

The default discount screen displays all discounts configured in EI. A discount screen can be used to limit the number of discounts that are shown without needing to permanently remove a discount.  For example, a Fourth of July discount may be maintained in the POS but simply removed from the discount screen.  This eliminates the need to recreate the discount each year.

To configure a Discount screen:

  1. Navigate to Discount Screens and click on plus sign
  2. Assign a Title to the Discount screen and give a description if needed
  3. Under the Discounts section click on the plus sign to add the necessary discounts to the screen
  4. Click on the required discount, the sort order (the order in which the discount appears on the screen) and click accept.
  5. Repeat for step 4 and 5 for all of the discounts that need to be added to the screen.
  6. Navigate to Store or Enterprise Configuration
  7. Click on Screens
  8. In the Discount Screens section, click on the plus sign
  9. Select the Discounts Screen that was just configured.
  10. Select the Meal Period that should be applied to the screen
  11. Click Confirm and then Save
Note: Only one discount screen can be configured per meal period.


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