Chapter 11: Gurus (First Gen 2.0)


Qu Gurus make it easy to complete certain tasks. 

Gurus can only be accessed from the Enterprise level of Qu Enterprise Intelligence.


Section 1: Clone Menu

It is necessary to clone a menu if the restaurants would be using the same menu but have certain differences (for instance all have the 4 of the same categories but one has an additional one).

The Steps to Clone a menu are as follows:

  1. Navigate to Gurusand click on Clone Menu
  2. Select a Location (storeor enterprise) where the source Menu is located.
  3. Select the menu to be cloned
  4. Press Yes if the entire Menu needs to be cloned.
    1. Continue to step 6
  5. Press No to select individual Categories or individual Items for cloning.
    1. Select Categories that need to be cloned
    2. Press Yes to clone the entire Categoryand all items in that Category.
    3. Continue to Step 6
    4. Press No to select individual Items in the next step.
      1. Select items that need to be cloned
    5. Select the Destination Location for the menu to be copied to
    6. If no was selected in step 5 a destination menu will also need to be selected for the categories or items to be copied into. If yes was selected this step can be ignored
    7. Confirm that everything is correct and click finish

Section 2: Level UP

Configure Qu to accept LevelUp.  You will need your LevelUp username and password.

  1. Navigate to Gurusand click on Configure Level Up
  2. Select Source Location - this is the Qu location being configured for Level Up,and click Next
  3. Enter your Level Up credentials and click Next
  4. Select the LevelUp location that is associated with the desired Qu store and click Next

Review the configuration and click Finish

Download Admin Guide (PDF) Chapter 10 | Chapter 12
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