How do I add or update a Users’ Enterprise Role? (First Gen 2.0)


To gain access to Qu Enterprise Intelligence (EI), an employee must first have an enterprise role assigned to their Qu employee profile. Enterprise roles determine the access privileges to Qu EI and may only be configured at the enterprise level.  Depending on the organization, several enterprise roles may be available for assignment to users. View the privileges for each role by navigating to enterprise roles and selecting the desired role.

To assign an enterprise role to a user:

  1. Select the user in the Employees section
  2. On the user profile, select the Enterprise Roles Tab
  3. Select the location at which the role is to be assigned
    1. A user can have different roles assigned for different locations, e.g. Manager at Store 1 and Team Lead at Store 2.

  1. In the drop down, select the desired Enterprise Role for assignment: 

    1. After selecting a role, view the Effective Configurator Privileges and Effective Report Privileges

  1. Click Save


To view the roles and locations to which a user is assigned, click on the grid view button on the right of the page. The assigned enterprise roles will be displayed.

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