How do I Implement Price Tiers? (First Gen 2.0)


Price Tiers define prices for items based on differing criteria. The most common example being one location having the same menu but different prices for lunch and dinner. Price tiers can also be used to set the prices on a menu based on the location of a store (North East vs South West stores).

To add a price tier:

  1. Navigate to Price Tiers in Enterprise Configuration
  2. Click on the plus sign
  3. Assign a Tier (numeric value)
  4. Assign a name for the Tier
  5. Click Confirm and click Save
  6. Repeat this action for the number of necessary tiers

Once created you can now assign the price tier to a store.

The store configuration price tier assigns a price tier to a menu and meal period for a specific store. This allows you to assign multiple prices to your menu. A store can potentially have multiple price tiers depending on the number of menus, meal periods, or prices that are assigned to the store or menu item (e.g. If an item has a different price for lunch than it does for breakfast then you will use two price tiers; one for each meal period).

At least one price tier is needed for a menu configuration. If more than one price tier is required repeat the following steps as necessary.
  1. Navigate to Store Configuration
  2. Click on Price Tiers
  3. Click the plus sign
  4. Select a Meal Period from the drop down
  5. Select a Menu from the drop down
  6. Select a Price Tier from the drop down
  7. Select a Location from the drop down
  8. Click Confirm
  9. Click Save
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