How do I add Payment Types? (First Gen 2.0)


Qu Supports multiple payment types in our application. The payment types section allows the configuration of different types of payment (credit card, cash, gift card, etc.) that are available for the restaurants to use. If all of the restaurants will be using the same types, reference "Adding a Payment Type." If some of the restaurants use different payment types than others, also reference "Configuring a Payment Screen."

Adding a Payment Type

To add a payment type:

  1. Navigate to Payment Types
  2. Click on the plus sign
  3. Assign a Title to the payment type
  4. Assign a Category from the drop down. They include:
    1. Cash
    2. Offline Credit
    3. Check
    4. Hotel Room Charge
    5. Credit
    6. Gift Card
    7. GEM Room Charge
    8. Marriott Room Charge
    9. EmployeeMeal
    10. Electronic Payment
    11. Opera
    12. StayNTouch
  5. Click Save

With a restart of the app, this new payment should now show up on the POS On the Payment Screen.

Make sure to create all of the payments necessary for all of the stores.

Configuring a Payment Screen

Payment Screens can be configured at either the enterprise or store level and are used to limit the available payment methods that appear on the POS terminal. If all of the stores will be sharing the same payment types it makes sense to configure at the enterprise level. Otherwise it should be configured at the individual store level. The steps to configure the screen are as follows:

  1. Navigate to Payment Screens
  2. Click the plus sign
  3. Assign a title to the screen and give a description if desired
  4. Select a grouping type
    1. Flat list
    2. Drop Down
  5. Assign payment types by clicking on the plus sign in the payment types section
  6. Click save
Once done, this will override the default payment type selection. Any additional payment types must be added to the payment screen for them to appear on the POS.
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