How do I Assign a Payroll Profile? (First Gen 2.0)


Qu’s payroll profiles enable the assignment of customized payroll rules to individual employees. Custom settings for hourly and salaried employees, along with overtime and break calculations may be configured.

Once the payroll profiles are configured (see What is a Payroll Profile?) they may be assigned to each employee.

Note:  If you happen to forget to do this the first time of adding a new employee, you will be prompted with the message below: 


To assign a payroll profile to an employee:

  1. Navigate to employees
  2. Choose the respective employee or click the plus sign if creating a new one
  3. Click on the payroll profiles tab (Image below)
  4. Click on the plus sign to add a payroll profile to the employee
  5. Select the payroll profile that applies to the user and set the start date (You can also select an end date if updating the employees profile type)
  6. Click Save


Image 5: Payroll Profile Assignment

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