Placing an Order (First Gen 2.0)


Use the menu screen layout to place items onto a new check and complete orders. 

Menu Layout 

  • Categories 
    • Categories are displayed at the top of the screen and contain collections of associated items 
  • Menu items & Ingredients 
    • Touch a menu item to add it to the check 
      • To duplicate an item on a check, touch the bottom bar and select Duplicate Item 
    • Ingredients may be associated with a menu item.  If a menu item has an included ingredient by default, that ingredient will be highlighted. If you select a highlighted ingredient , the ingredient will be removed from the item.  For example, if cheddar cheese is highlighted, tapping cheddar cheese will remove the ingredient from the item and “No cheddar cheese” will appear on the kitchen ticket and the customer receipt (See Figure 5).  

 Figure 5:Menu Layout 

    • Ingredient selections may be configured to have maximum selection quantities.  For example, a single topping on ice cream; after you choose that ingredient you will not be able to choose another. Touch the selected ingredient to deselect and then choose another ingredient.  
    • Note field - Use the Note box at the top right of the screen to add comments or a note to print on a kitchen ticket. The best use of the Notes box is for special instructions that are not found elsewhere on the menu such as “include extra pickles in the bag.” 

 Figure 6Unchecking a default Item (In this example, whole milk was originally checked) 


  • Modifiers (See Figure 7) 
    • Modifiers (“>”) describe items. Some examples of modifiers include “on the side,” toppings for salads, or even different types of soup under the broader “soup” category. 
    • Modifiers print on the kitchen ticket 

 Figure 7: Modifiers 

Use of “Ticket Reference” 

  • Use of “Ticket Reference” (Note: This field text will print on the customer receipt) 
    • Use the “Ticket Reference” field to input a reference such as customer name, a number, etc.  

Order Types 

  • Dine In/Take Out/Etc. Dropdown 
    • In the top left hand corner, you may use the down arrow (see Figure 8) to choose the customer’s order type to associate with that check. 

 Figure 8: Changing Order Type 

Remove an item from a check 

  • Removing an item from a check (See Figure 9Error! Reference source not found.) 
    • To remove on item, gesture from right to left while touching the item to remove from the check.  

 Figure 9: Removing an Item from a Check 

  • Removing all items from a check (See Figure 10)  
    • To remove all items from a check, touch the bottom grey bar and select Void/Remove all Items. 

 Figure 10: Removing all Items from a Check 


Applying a Discount 

  1. Qu provides two types of discounts. 
  2. Check Level Discounts 

Item Discounts 

A check level discount can be applied to all or a specified number of items on a check. In the case of a limiting number of applied items, the discount will choose the items by the order of which the items appear on a check. 

An item discount applies to one item per selection but can be applied to multiple items on a check (number of items that the discount can be applied is set in EI). With an Item discount, the cashier will select the item(s) on the check and apply the discount. 

  • Applying a check level discount (See Figure 11) 
    • Select the “$ Payment” button at the bottom of the screen 
    • Choose “Discounts & Charges” towards the top right of the screen 
    • Select desired discount(s) 
    • Click on the “X” in the top left hand of the pop-up 
    • Your discount will now reflect in the total 

 Figure 11: Applying a Discount 


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