Closing (First Gen 2.0)


End of Shift Report 

  • Running an end of shift report
    • Prints summary details by employee currently logged into terminal 
    • Touch the top bar and click More 
    • Choose “End-Of-Shift Report” (See Figure 24) 

 Figure 24: End of Shift/Day Report 

End of Day Report 

  • Running an end of day report 
    • Prints summary details for all employees across terminals for current date 
    • Swipe down from top 
    • Choose “End-Of-Day Report” (See Error! Reference source not found.) 

Historical Checks 

View and edit historical checks using the Check Search icon found on the top menu bar by swiping down from the top of the screen. 

The more criteria entered into search the faster the search returns (See Figure 25) 


Figure 25: Historical Checks 

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