Employee Management (First Gen 2.0)


Time Clock Activity 

The employee Time Clock Activity shows the last clock action of employees (clock in/out, take/return from break) and allows you to view all activity for a specified day and employee by viewing the Time Card Detail Report. It also allows an admin to clock out an employee from this screen. 

To view the report for an employee: 

  • Touch the top bar and touch More 
  • Touch Time Clock Activity 
  • Find the employee in the list 
  • Touch the desired result. 

You can now either print the receipt or clock out the employee (if available). 

Figure 26: Employee Clock In Report 

To view the Time Card Detail Report of an employee: 

  • Touch the top bar and touch More 
  • Touch Time Clock Activity 
  • Type the employee name in the text box 
  • Select the desired employee (with the correct Job Title) from the drop down 
  • Touch Time Card Detail Report 

You can now search for a specified Date or print the report. 

Assign PIN & Card  

This function allows users to assign a PIN or card at the terminal itself; formerly PIN & Card assignments had to be completed using Qu EI in the back of house. 

To assign a PIN or Card simply follow these steps: 

  1. Select “PIN & Card Assignment” under Information and Tools 
  2. Begin typing the desired employee name and then select the employee’s tile when it appears. 
    1. If updating a PIN, type the new PIN and press enter.  The PIN or it’s masked equivalent will appear just below the “Show/Hide” and “Clear” buttons. 
    2. If assigning a card, swipe the card and the number will populate. 
  3. Select “Change PIN” or “Change Magstripe Card ID” to complete the update.   
If attempting to assign the same card or PIN used by an existing employee, an error dialog will display (see below).  Please use a different card or pick a unique PIN. 

Once configured, the new PIN or Card login information will be shared to all terminals, if the terminal sharing configuration is active. It will also be updated in Qu EI automatically, where it can be viewed within the Employee section. 


Figure 27: Pin/MagCard Assignment 

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