How Do I Apply a Credit Card Payment Using the EMV Terminal? (First Gen 2.0)


To process a credit card payment through the EMV terminal:

  1. Ring in the customer’s order as normal.
  2. Once the order is complete, at the bottom right of the main check creation screen, select the Credit button (which should be highlighted in blue to indicate it is ready) to activate the EMV terminal. The POS will move to the payment screen while it awaits processing of the credit card transaction from the EMV terminal.
  3. Alternatively, you may also select the “Payment” button at the bottom of the check creation screen to go to the Payment screen. Then select “Credit” from the payment options in the payment box and then select the “Enter Card Data” button to activate the EMV terminal.
  4. From the customer’s standpoint, it will ask them to either enter their chipped card into the EMV reader or, for non-chipped cards, to swipe their card on the EMV terminal. Once the transaction has been processed, the EMV terminal will prompt the customer to remove their card.
  5. Once the card is removed, the POS terminal should complete the payment process and close the check.
  6. If the customer’s card will not read, or if you are processing a manual entry credit card transaction from a phone in order, you, or the customer, can initiate a manual entry transaction on the EMV device by first activating the EMV device using steps 1-3. Then, when the EMV device is requesting a chipped or swiped card, press the red “X” (Cancel) button on the EMV one time.  This will take the EMV terminal to a manual entry screen where you can enter the credit card information to continue the credit card transaction process.
  7. If you need to cancel a credit card transaction after you have activated the EMV device, but before a credit card has been processed, you can press the red “X” (Cancel) button once to take you to the manual entry screen, and then a second time to cancel out completely. If you do need to cancel the payment on the EMV device, make sure to delete the payment box on the POS once it says cancel.  This will clear the payment box for you to be able to processes a different payment.
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