How Do I Apply a Discount (Next Gen)


How Do I Apply a Discount?

There are two main ways that a discount can be applied to a check.  The first is applying the discount directly a specific item and the second is by applying the discount to the entire check.  The process is slightly different depending on which way you are applying the discount.

To apply a discount directly to an item: (See Figure 5)

  • Select the item you wish to discount.
  • Long Press on the Selected Item Name (text) to bring up item discounts..
  • In the pop-up window, select the discount you wish to apply.
  • Close that window and proceed with processing the rest of the check


To apply a discount to the entire check: (See Figure 6)

  • Select the “Payment” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose “Discounts” towards the top right of the screen
  • Select desired discount(s)
  • Click on the “X” in the top left hand of the pop-up
  • Your discount will now reflect in the total



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