How Do I Claim a Till? (Next Gen)


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How Do I Claim a Till?

To claim a till:  

  • Tap the hamburger iconmceclip0.pngin the bottom right of the screen      
  • Tap “Claim/Close Till" on the top menu bar
  • The terminal will present you with an option to claim the till and modify the starting cash drawer. If you are using a Dual Drawer configuration, there will be two tills showing.


  • Tap “Claim Till” for the till that you will be using (there will be only one option if you are using a single drawer setup)
  • Change the starting cash amount if necessary:
    • If you are claiming an individual till (only one user will be using the till), tap confirm
    • If you are claiming a public till (multiple users will be using the same till), tap public till and tap confirm


Note: If a till has been claimed, only the till owner can perform actions that affect the cash in the till. These actions include processing cash transactions, performing a No Sale (if allowed), or processing a Paid In or Paid Out.
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