Why Isn't my EMV Reader Processing Payments While the Internet is Offline? (Next Gen)


There are some instances where the POS loses connection to the credit card processor but does not automatically go offline to allow offline credit card processing. In the event that this happens, there is a process that allows the cashier to force the terminal into offline mode.

Please note:  Transactions accepted while offline may not be approved by the processor for payment once a connection is restored.  Each site should carefully set the maximum amount accepted for each offline transaction.


  • The payment device should automatically revert to offline mode.  If the payment device does not automatically revert to store and forward - Unplug the Ethernet cable from the POS or disconnect the POS from the wifi (Keep in mind that this will affect the communication between POS and any network printers).
  • You should see this notification on the top of the screen after 1 minute


Once offline, the system will automatically store the transactions. When the connection is restored, the POS will forward the transactions over to the processor.

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