Manual Transaction Guide for Ingenico IPP320 (First Gen 2.0)


Manual Transaction Guide for Ingenico IPP320

This is a guide to help walk through a Manual Card Transaction with the IPP320 and Qu App. This guide will also help explain some differences between an EMV transaction and a normal Credit Card Swipe transaction. (This guide will assume that the Qu App is already loaded).


  1. Touch the items of choice on the menu. The items will appear on the left-hand side under “​Ticket Reference​”.


  1. Touch the “​Payment​” button on the bottom right of the screen.


  1. On the Payment Screen, touch the “​Credit​” button.


  1. On the next screen, touch “​Enter Card Data​”.


  1. This will prompt the customer to swipe or insert card on the ​IPP320 pinpad​.



  1. Instruct the customer to press the ​F1​ button one time and the pinpad will ask the customer to manually enter the credit card number.



    7. Follow the prompts on the pinpad. The information in order will be:

        a. 16 digit card #

        b. Exp date (Format MMYY)

        c. CVV Code  (3 digit # on the back; AMEX will be on the front)


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