Why Can't I Accept Cash Payments (Getting a Till Available Error Message)? (Next Gen)


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If the cashier has not claimed the till when selecting the Cash payment type, or a different user has an individual till claimed, a red "till available" message will appear on the payment panel.  Any other buttons that the cashier could use to open the cash drawer would be unavailable.  These buttons include:

  1. Apply Payment
  2. No Sale
  3. the Quick Cash Buttons

Till security prevents users from closing checks to cash if they are not the user that has claimed the till.  After claiming (or logging is as the till owner) a till, a cashier can perform cash transactions.

Note: If using a public till, any user can perform cash transactions and are not limited to do so by the user who initially claimed the till.



Figure 1: Till is not Claimed


To claim a till:

  1. Tap the blue hamburger button in the bottom right of the screen
  2. Tap on the “Claim/Close Till” Button on the top menu bar
  3. Tap “Claim Till”
    1. If this is a public till (any user can access the till), also select Public Till
  4. Tap “Confirm”

You can now complete cash transactions.



Figure 2: Till is Claimed by Specified User

If the till is claimed by a different user:

  1. Log out of the current account
  2. Log in using the specified user
  3. Swipe down from the top of the screen
  4. Tap the “Claim/Close Till” Button
  5. Tap “Close Till”
  6. Tap “Confirm”
  7. Log out of the user
  8. Log back into the previous account
  9. Follow the previous instructions to claim a till

Note: If you are a manager and have the correct access, you will be able to close the till of any user if the cashier left without closing the till.

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