Is My Terminal Online? (Next Gen)


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The Qu online indicator displays the terminal’s connection status, and you can find it on the left side of the bottom menu bar.  If the connection status with the Qu cloud is verified, the terminal will display "Cloud Connection Online," followed by the number of minutes the terminal has been online. For example, "Cloud Connection Online 5 minutes" indicates the terminal has been connected to the Qu cloud for 5 minutes.

Additionally, a visual indicator notifies the user when the terminal is connected or disconnected from the cloud. The outline of the blue hamburger button in the bottom left of the screen will be one of three colors depending on the terminal's connectivity status.

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  • Green indicates that the terminal is online.
  • If the button's border is red, the terminal is offline and not connected to the cloud.
  • If the button is yellow, the terminal's status has just changed and will update to green or red in 60 seconds.

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