How do I Void an Item? (next Gen)


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After an item has been sent to the kitchen, it may be necessary to void the item. Once the check is tendered or re-sent to the kitchen, a void is sent, notifying the kitchen to no longer prepare the item. It is also recorded as a void in your daily reports. Please follow the below steps for instructions on voiding one or more items.

Void ONE item on the check

  • Swipe from left to right on the item to void it.
  • If prompted, select a reason code and tap Void/Remove Item.
  • The item will remain visible on the check, but it will now show as “voided” in red text and not be included in the outstanding Check Total.
  • Tender the check to close. 


Note: Unless otherwise specified by your admin, voiding an item will remove it entirely from the check if the item has not been sent to the kitchen. If the item is removed in this way, it is also not reported as a void.


Void ALL items on the check

  • Tap the blue hamburger button at the bottom left of the screen to reveal the lower menu
  • If prompted, select a reason code and tap Void/Remove All Item


Note: You may not void an item once the check has been tendered. You may only swipe left on the item to perform a return.


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