How do I do a No Sale (Pop the Cash Drawer)? (Next Gen)


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The No Sale button allows you to open the cash drawer for actions not recorded (such as making change).  This action can be limited to specific users using security roles. We recommend that admins only grant managers permission for this function.  


To complete a No Sale:

  • Navigate to the Payment Screen on the POS terminal, and
  • Tap No Sale
  • The POS will prompt the user to enter a note/reason for the no Sale. Enter a reason, and


  • Tap Confirm. The drawer will pop, allowing the user to complete the no sale.

In the example below, the user received the error message, "No Sale Permission Denied," because the admin did not permit them to perform a no sale. If this happens, log out of the current user and log in with a user with the correct access.  


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