What is Fast Cash and Credit? (Next Gen)


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Fat cash enables more efficient transactions by eliminating the need to enter a numeric value in the tender or due text boxes. The admin can configure the settings in EI (https://admin.qubeyond.com) under platform settings within store groups. Fast Credit allows the cashier to quickly activate the EMV reader without manually selecting the credit tender and applying payment (Fast Credit is automatically enabled if the store uses EMV readers).


The system enables Fast Cash by default and is configured with Quick Cash, next $5, Next $10, and Next $20 options. However, these options are configurable, and the admin can configure up to four of the available six settings. These options include:

  • Quick  - Quick Cash allows the cashier to manually enter a value when the customer pays with a non-standard amount (e.g., $5.50)
  • 0 - Exact Cash
  • 1 - Next Dollar
  • 5 - Next $5
  • 10 - Next $10, and
  • 20 - Next $20


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