How do I Use a Gift Card with an MSR? (Next Gen)


How do I Use a Gift Card with an MSR?

To Use a Gift Card, start by:

  1. Tapping Payment and Selecting Gift Card
  2. Swipe the Gift Card (or if manually entering the card number – Tap “Enter Card Data” to do so)

Once you have done this, there are four actions that can be performed

  1. Activate a Gift Card
  2. Add Value
  3. Check Balance
  4. Apply Payment

Activating or Adding Value to a Gift Card

To Activate or Add Value to a gift card, click on Activate or Add Value (respectively). You will be prompted to Add Value to the card. Once, you have entered the desired amount of value to add, click Activate or Add Value.

You will now be prompted with an additional payment screen to tender out the gift card amount and any other items on the check.

Check Balance

To Check the balance of a Gift Card, tap Check Balance. The balance of the gift card will be displayed. You can now either add value to the gift card or apply payment.

Apply Payment with a Gift Card

Applying a payment with a gift card is like applying payment with credit card:

  1. Go to the Payment screen to pay using a gift card.
  2. tap Gift Card
  3. Swipe the Gift Card or manually enter the gift card number
  4. Once the gift card has been swiped, tap Apply Payment.
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