What is My Expected and Actual Deposit? (Next Gen)


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As a restaurant manager, knowing the expected cash deposit allows you to verify that your actual deposit (based on your reconciled tills) is accurate and within an acceptable margin of error (total over/under). To view the Expected Deposit:

  1. Navigate to reports within Qu Enterprise Intelligence
  2. Run the Summary Report and view the reconciled tills section


Image 1: Summary Report


Qu calculates the  expected deposit using the following equation:


Expected Deposit = Cash Tenders + Paid Ins - Paid Outs


If you enter the reconciled till amounts within Qu (Actual Cash – See Image 1), the Summary Report displays your actual deposit. The reported entry enables a comparison between the actual cash deposit and the expected cash deposit. Qu calculates the actual deposit using the following equation:


Actual Deposit = Cash Tenders + Paid Ins - Paid Outs + Over/Under


Qu derives the total over/under (or short) from the values entered when reconciling tills. If you do not reconcile the tills, your Expected Deposit and Actual Deposit will always be equal. Qu calculates the total over/under using the following equation:

Total Over/Under = Actual Cash – Expected Cash



Image 2: Qu EI Till Reconciliation

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