How do I Add Payment Types? (Next Gen)


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Qu Supports multiple payment types in our application. The payment types section allows the configuration of several payment types (credit card, cash, gift card, etc.) available for the restaurants to use. To add payment types to your organization, reference "Adding a Payment Type." Additionally, If some stores use different payment types than others, reference "Configuring Payments for Specific Store Groups."

Adding a Payment Type

To add a payment type:

  1. Navigate to Store Groups and select the store group (Qu recommends that you  create all payment types at the top-level store group) to which you will be adding the new payment type
  2. Click on Payment Types
  3. Click Add Payment Types
  4. Assign a Title to the payment type
  5. Assign a Category from the drop-down. They include:
    1. Cash
    2. Check
    3. Credit (requires additional configuration - contact support for assistance)
    4. Electronic Payment
    5. Extensibility Light
    6. GEM Room Charge
    7. Gift Card
    8. Hotel Room Charge
    9. Marriott Room Charge
    10. Offline Credit
    11. Opera
    12. StayNTouch
  6. Assign a Processor (dependent on the category selected in the previous step)
  7. Click Add and Save




With automatic sync or restart of the app, this new payment will now display on the POS On the Payment Screen.

Make sure to create all of the payments necessary for all of the stores.

Configuring Payments for Specific Store Groups

Store Groups can be configured by you to limit the payment types that the POS, online ordering, or kiosk displays. If all of the stores will be sharing the same payment types, it makes sense to configure them at the enterprise level (or topmost store group). Otherwise, they should be enabled or disabled at the individual store group level. The steps to configure them are as follows:

  1. Navigate to Store Groups and select the store group to which you will be enabling/disabling the payment type
  2. Click on Payment Types
  3. Click on the green switch to disable a payment type
  4. Once completed, click save



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