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Gross Sales and Net Sales

A lot of confusion arises when reporting on gross sales and net sales because different organizations have varying methods for calculating these numbers. Qu has recognized this allows you to define gross and net sales based on your organization’s needs.

Report Calculations

Qu gives administrators the ability to set their calculations for Gross and Net sales. This configuration is completed at the enterprise level, granting an admin control over the calculations completed at their corporate and franchise locations

To configure your gross and net sale:

  1. Hover over Configuration in EI (
  2. Select Reports from the dropdown




From there, select the items that factor into your calculation.




If Net Sales = Item Sales – Discounts + Services Charges, you would check Item sales, Discounts, and Service Charges, since they factor into the equation (even though discounts are a negative value).


Most Commonly used Calculations

Since each organization can define these values differently, Qu has included the calculation steps for the most common definition below. They are used to determine the amounts found in the various reports in EI. However, in most cases, the following examples will use the summary report as the reference point for all other calculations.

First, several values are used to calculate these amounts and are listed below:

  1. Total Item Sales
  2. Discounts
  3. Service Charges
  4. Taxes
  5. Gift Cards Sold
  6. Tips

The table below shows the calculations for Gross Sales, Net Sales, and Tender Amount.



Total Item Sales (Item Group)

= Subtotal of All items sold

Net Sales

= Total Item Sales - Discounts + Service Charges

Gross Sales

= Net Sales +Taxes


= Gross Sales + Gift Cards Sold + Tips


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