How Do I Add or Modify Taxes? (Next Gen)


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Use Qu EI to configure tax rates and apply tax to menu items. In some cases, menus will contain multiple taxes, such as a state tax and an alcohol tax. 

Item Groups for Taxes

Item Groups for Taxes defines the group of items that will be taxed. To create an item group for taxes:

  1. Navigate to tax groups and select the location group to add the item tax group (we usually recommend doing this at the topmost tax group).
  2. Select Add Item Group.
  3. Type the name of the tax group that you are creating into the search field.
  4. Select Create New Item.
  5. In the window that opens, validate that the information is correct, and click Create Item.
  6. Click Add Item.
  7. Select all of the applicable items.
  8. Click Use Selected Items and click Save.



  1. Navigate to Tax Groups and select the relevant tax group (we recommend configuring tax groups by state, county, district, etc.)
  2. Click on Add Tax
  3. Fill in the following settings
    1. Check Title – The name of the tax that shows up on the check
    2. Percentage or Fixed amount and value
    3. Tax-Exempt - Defines whether the tax can be exempted or not
    4. Inclusive Tax - Defines whether the price of the menu item includes the tax or not (most restaurants do not use inclusive tax)
    5. Apply to base price only - Defines whether only the item's base price is taxed or the entire item (including modifiers). The system will not tax modifiers and addons (In most cases, the apply to base price only is not enabled).
    6. Apply Only to these items
      1. If turned off, the tax will apply to all items added to the check
      2. If turned off, the taxable items need to be defined - Add the tax group defined in the previous section by clicking Add Item and selecting the tax group from the list.



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