How do I Add a Donation?


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Qu supports two categories of donations:

  1. Customer Funded - The customer provides the funds for the donation.
  2. Profit Share - The restaurant provides the donation on behalf of the customer


Additionally, there are five types of Donations:

  1. Percentage - The donation is a configured percentage of the subtotal of an item or group of items.
  2. Fixed amount - The donation is a fixed dollar value.
  3. Open percentage - The customer decides the portion of their check that they will donate.
  4. Open dollar - The customer decides the dollar value that they will donate.
  5. Round-Up - The customer will apply their change to the donation.


You can create a donation in a few easy steps:

Add the Donation

  1. Navigate to Service Charge Group within the admin portal
  2. Select the service charge group to which you are adding the donation (generally we recommend, adding the donation to the top group)
  3. Click Add Service Charge
  4. Type in the name of the donation
  5. Click Create New Item

Configure Availability

If the donation will not be available at all times or will only be available for specific contexts, edit one or all of the following:


  • Effective Date
  • Recurrence
    • Days of the Week
    • Hour Range
  • Context
    • Meal Period
    • Order Channel
    • Order types

Configure the display attributes

When creating a donation, you can update the following display attributes:

  • Check Title - The name of the donation that appears on the check (By default, the check title is the name that you assigned the donation in Add Donation section

Configure the donation (service charge) definition

To configure the donation:


  1. Select the Donation Category
  2. If the donation will be funded by the restaurant, select profit share. The receipt notifies the customer on the amount that has been donated by the restaurant on their behalf.
  3. Select whether the cashier or customer will be prompted to apply the donation (currently only applicable for Round-Up donations) by selecting
    1. Disabled
    2. POS, or
    3. GFD
  4. Select the Donation Type and set the amount (if applicable)
    1. Percentage
    2. Fixed Amount
    3. Open Percentage 
    4. Open Amount
    5. Round-Up
  5. Select whether the donation applies to the base price only (Does it take into account any priced modifiers)
  6. Apply only to these items
    1. If turned on, the donation will only apply if the applicable items have been added to the check
    2. If turned off, the donation will apply to the subtotal of all items

Add items to the donation

If you checked "Apply Only to These Items":

  1. Tap Add Item
  2. To search for an existing service charge group or create a new one, enter the name into the text field
  3. If adding an existing group,
    1. tap the plus sign next to the group name
  4. If creating a new group
    1. Select Service Charge Group
    2. Click Create New Item
    3. Click Create item
    4. Click the pencil next to the newly created group
    5. Click Save and continue
    6. Click Add Item
    7. Select all applicable items from the list
    8. Click Click save
    9. Click Cancel to go back to the service charge definition
  5. Click Save
  6. Restart the POS app to see the donation on the terminal
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