What are KDS/Printer Fire Modes and How are They Enabled? (Next Gen)


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There are 3 Fire modes available for sending orders to the kitchen:

  • Fire on Fly
    • As the cashier adds menu items to the check, the POS immediately sends them to the KDS. Additionally, modifications to the order will appear on the KDS as the cashier selects them on the POS. 
    • The user must meet the item's minimum requirements before the system sends the item to the KDS.
    • Fire on Fly is only available for the KDS. It is not available for kitchen printers.
  • Fire on Next
    • A menu item is sent to the kitchen once the cashier adds the next item to the check. If it is the last item, the system will send it to the KDS if the cashier manually sends it (send or suspend buttons) or if the customer pays for the order.
    • Fire on Next is available for both the KDS and the kitchen printer.
    • If using with a kitchen printer, each item will print on a separate chit.
  • Fire on Tender/Manual fire (Default)
    • The POS will send the items to the Kitchen printer or KDS once the customer pays the check.
    • The cashier can also send the items to the kitchen using send or suspend buttons.

To enable a fire mode:

  1. Navigate to Store Groups.
  2. Click on Order Types.
  3. Select the order type for the fire mode that you are configuring and click on its pencil.
  4. In the Fire Mode dropdown, select the relevant fire mode.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Restart the Qu app on the POS. The POS will now send items to the kitchen using the selected fire mode.


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