Changing Order Types from the Online Menu (Next Gen)


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Guests can now change the order type from the menu page without having to go back to the location search and begin a new order.


  1. Guest will be prompted by the website to enter the delivery address to validate that delivery is available from this location
    1. An actual physical address is required (i.e. 123 Main Street)
  2. If the store can deliver to the provided address, the user will get a success message, and the site will take them to the menu
  3. If the location cannot deliver to the provided address, the user will be prompted to either order pickup or search for other sites (selecting this will take the user to Qu location search).

Curbside Pickup

  1. Guests will be prompted by the website to enter their car color and model

Customers with direct links to a specific store menu can now add a delivery parameter to the URL to set the order type as delivery on page load


  1. A customer linking directly from another site can add ?order_type=”delivery” to the URL to set the menu to delivery on a menu load.




  1. When a guest clicks on this link, the system will immediately prompt them to enter their address for validation.
    1. Since a valid address is required to ensure the location can deliver, users will be required to enter and submit one before they can exit the prompt.



    • Ensure that all relevant locations have the proper settings for desired order types per store or globally


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: A globally-disabled order type can still be enabled at the store level and will display on the order type dropdown. You should check the hierarchy of each store/group to ensure consistency. 



There is no configuration necessary to enable this feature; it is applied automatically to all customers.


Questions & Answers

Can we link back to a marketing/external page instead of the Qu location search?

Not at this time, but the feature is expected for a future release.

Can the app automatically switch to a new location if other stores could deliver to the guest’s address?

Not at this time, this is a planned enhancement in a future release.

What happens if we link directly to a location for delivery, and delivery is not available for the site?

It will default to the Pickup order type.


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