How do I Prevent Bumping a Chit on the KDS? (next Gen)


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As a Restaurant operator, you may want to prevent your kitchen from bumping a check from the KDS until it has met specific criteria. Qu supports to options:

  1. Bump On Send - Prevent Bumping until the cashier has completed the order. Certain fire modes allow items to be sent to the kitchen before the cashier has completed the order by tendering or suspending the check.
  2. Bump on Paid - Prevent Bumping until the customer has paid for the order.

Qu sends a completed identifier with every check whenever the check is suspended or paid. However, to prevent bumping, there are two places that these settings need to be configured by the admin. To enable these settings, you will need to configure:

  1. KDS (For Bump on Send/KDS)
    1. Whether you are configuring Bump on Send or Bump on Paid, you will need to configure the KDS to recognize the completed identifier.
  2. EI (For Bump on KDS)
    1. If you would like to configure Bump on Paid, you will need to configure EI, to send the Unpaid/Paid identifier and to only send the complete identifier when the order is paid (not when the cashier sends the order to the kitchen and suspends it.

When enabled, a check will show "ordering" until it is either sent to the kitchen or paid by the customer. Once the cashier completes the order, the chit will display "Completed" (Bump on Paid will only show Completed once the cashier tenders the check). Additionally, if Bump on Paid is enabled, the check will show unpaid and show "Paid," and "Completed" once the cashier tenders the order. Once Follow the steps to configure The KDS and EI.


Configure the KDS

  1. On the KDS, tap the lock icon to display the menu
  2. Tap Unlock
  3. Type in the passcode (9999 by default) and Tap OK
  4. Tap the lock icon again
  5. Tap Cheftab Settings/Preferences
  6. Tap Bump Settings
  7. Tap Ticket Complete Identifier
  8. Type in "Completed'
  9. Tap OK
  10. Tap the back button twice or until you get back to the cheftab home page

Now kitchen chits will not be able to be bumped unless the ticket shows completed. If you are configuring Bump on Send, your setup is complete. If configuring Bump on Paid, continue to the EI configuration.

Configure EI

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Intelligence and log in using your admin credentials
  2. Click Stores and Find your stores in the list
  3. Click the printer next to your store name (the last icon on the right)
  4. Find the KDS that you will be configuring and click on the blue pencil next to its name
  5. In the Title textbox, add "_ReqPaid" at the end of the title
  6. Click Save


After restarting the POS, a user will be unable to bump a chit until the order is paid for by the customer. The check will show unpaid if the cashier has not tendered the order.



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