How do I 86 an Item?


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Qu supports 86ing an item from both the POS and Enterprise Intelligence. When an item is 86'd, it will be greyed out on the POS and will show as out of stock on the online ordering site.

To 86 an item on the POS:

  1. Long-press on the item or ingredient (If the item has portions, you will need to long-press on each one).
  2. A pop up will appear verifying that you would like to 86 the item. Tap 86 item.


Once selected, the system will grey out the item, and the user (cashier or customer) cannot add it to the check. Additionally, the item will be 86'd in Enterprise Intelligence as well as the online ordering site. To revive the item, follow the above steps but tap Revive instead. 

To 86 an item in Enterprise Intelligence:

  1. Click on Stores
  2. Find your store on the list and select the mceclip0.pngicon.
  3. Locate the item on the list and click the arrowmceclip1.png.
  4. Click the grey switch mceclip3.pngto turn it red. It will now display out of stock next to the item and update the POS and the website.


To revive the item, tap the red switch. The switch will turn back grey and will display as in stock in the system.

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