How do I add Quick Add Buttons to the Web Ordering Site?


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As an operator, you may want to give your customers the ability to quickly add items to their cart when ordering online. Qu gives you the ability to assign this functionality to each of your items. There are three possible scenarios to think about when configuring the quick add functionality:

  1. The item has no modifiers (e.g., beverages, bakery items, etc.).
    1. In this scenario, there is no need for the customer to go to the modifier screen because there is no way to modify the item.
  2. The item has modifiers, but there are no minimum requirements.
    1. In this scenario, the customer is not required to add any modifiers to the check, and they may or may not desire to modify the item. For example, a customer orders a bacon cheeseburger. They may want to order as-is or change the bacon from pork to turkey).
  3. The item has modifiers, and there are minimum requirements.
    1. In this scenario, a quick add button would not be useful since the item has requirements that must be met by the customer before they can add the item to the cart.
    2. This scenario would not have a quick add or customize button; clicking the item would take the customer directly to the item’s customization page.


To assign Quick Add functionality to an item:

  1. Log in to Enterprise Intelligence (
  2. Click on Menu Groups and Select the menu group to be edited from the list on the left.
  3. Find the item in global definitions and click on its pencil icon.
  4. Expand the operational Attributes Section.
  5. Disable “Show Modification Screen” and click save.

The item will now display an Add Button that the customer can use to quickly add the item to the check and, if applicable, a customize button to modify the item.


If you disable the modification screen of an item that has required modifiers, the quick add button will be present. However, the customer will receive a message notifying them that there are required modifiers to add the item to the cart. They can then choose to go to the item's modification screen or go back to the menu.
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