How do I Prevent Cashiers from Applying Offline Credit Payment Types?


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Customers often use offline credit payment types to tender third-party DSP (DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.), House Account, and other types of orders. However, managers would like to restrict their cashiers from using these without manager approval because they are not tied to a real tender type (cash, credit, or gift).

Managers can restrict this access by editing the employees' job titles.

To update the job title to limit users' access to Offline payment types:

  1. Log in to Enterprise Intelligence (
  2. Select Employee groups and select the employee group that you will be editing.
  3. Find the job title in the list and click its pencil icon.
  4. Click the switch next to offline payments to disable this action (it should change from blue to grey if previously enabled).
  5. Restart the POS to sync the changes. 


Once this change takes effect, the POS will present a manager prompt to the cashier to apply an offline payment type.

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