How do I Prevent a Cashier from Performing Manager Related Till Functions (No Sale, Paid In/Out, and Claim/Close Till)?


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While cashiers will have access to the till to perform customers' cash transactions, managers seek to limit access to the till for functions such as no sales, paid ins and outs, and claim and close tills.

Qu allows the manager to limit access to these functions by Job Title.

To restrict the functions that a cashier has access to:

  1. Log in to Enterprise Intelligence (
  2. Select Employee groups and select the employee group that you will be editing.
  3. Find the job title in the list and click its pencil icon.
  4. Click the switch next to each of the actions that you will be disabling (it should change from blue to grey if previously enabled).
    1. Perform Paid in and Paid Out
    2. No Sale
    3. Claim Till (Applies to Both Claim and Close Till)
  5. Restart the POS to sync the changes. 

Once this change takes effect, the POS will present a manager prompt to the cashier when performing restricted actions.

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