November 17th (v139)


Release Highlights

We’re constantly working to improve your experiences. Here’s a summary of what has changed:


    • Items and modifiers now display with their portion amount on the same line on the Detail screen, KDS, Printers, and Customer Facing Displays.
    • SynergySuite Export Improvement
      • The Unified Item Portion ID is included in data exports.  See below for more details.
  • Aurus Ecom payments are now supported for Qu Web Ordering.  See below for more details.
  • Punchh Integration Improvements More details are included below.
      • Web Ordering Support for new Points Unlock Redeemable program.
      • POS UI Update to support new Points Unlock Redeemable program.
      • Support for In Store Punchh Single Scan flows (pay, check-in, redeem, gift)
      • Platform Settings - Updated Punchh POS & Kiosk settings dialog
    • Custom Delivery Zone/Area Configuration is now supported.  More details are below
    • Labor API - A stores locationId is now available with each labor schedule.
    • Kitchen Routes - Added setting to Print Default Modifiers.  More details are below.
    • There are new permissions to allow for Detaching and Reattaching a drawer.
    • EI has a new Paid In/Out Report with configurable permissions for access.
    • A Pre-auth check which includes a Tip + Signature line is able to be printed from the POS.  There is a platform setting which enables this button to display on the Terminal.
    • Item-level special instructions are now sent as the last modifier in order confirmation emails.
    • Discount Cloning - EI Users can now clone discounts.  See below for more details.
  • Postmates Integration Improvements
      • Support for default modifiers using a custom mapping.
  • OLO Integration Improvements
      • Support for “curbside” order type option in Web Ordering.
  • Notify
    • Licensing - Added user access permissions in Enterprise Intelligence.
    • Sales Forecast feature with Store level Net sales prediction chart. 

Summary of New/Changed EI Settings

  • Kitchen Routes - Added setting to Print Default Modifiers
  • Platform Settings - Update to Punchh POS & Kiosk Store Level Setting
  • Platform Settings - To enable Tip + Signature line printing option for check.
  • POS permissions - New security Right to Detach and Reattach Till
  • Platform settings - Cash drawers configured for a terminal with zero (0) setting will have restricted cash management capabilities and a till can not be claimed.
  • Delivery Settings now support .KML file upload for Custom Delivery Area mapping .

POS / InStore

New Features

    • In-Store Support for the Punchh “Single Scan Flow”.  This enables a customer to scan a QR Code from their Punchh/Brand app and let them earn points for their purchases, redeem their rewards and pay using their stored gift card.
      • Check-in and Pay
      • Single Scan Flow - Check-in only
      • Single Scan Flow - Redeem and Check-in
      • Single Scan Flow - Redeem, Pay and Check-in
      • The Qu/Punchh API integration was updated to support identifying the type of rewards program used.
    • When reattaching a Till to the POS a Till must be selected to reattached.
    • The check “Description” information will now display in a column on the Open Checks screen when the Counter service mode is “off”.
    • Items and modifiers now display with their portion amount on the same line on the Detail screen, KDS, Printers, and Customer Facing Displays. 
    • A Pre-auth check which includes a Tip + Signature line is able to be printed from the POS.  There is a platform setting which enables this button to display on the Terminal.
    • New Permission for detaching + reattaching a till.
  • Kitchen Routes - Added a new setting to Print Default Modifiers.
  • Peer to Peer Check Sharing for QSR

Improvements / Enhancements 

  • Punchh Integration Improvements
    • The internal Loyalty Reward property name "Id" has been updated to “RewardId”.
    • The “Refund Reward” was duplicated on the Check Total screen when re-opening a check.
    • The user information would not always display after the lookup when immediately trying to then redeem points.
  • The messaging displayed when a check cannot be suspended due to partial payment being applied has been updated.
  • When the number of cash drawers configured for a terminal is zero (0) cash management capabilities will now be restricted and a till can not be claimed.

Resolved Issues

  • The POS would display an error message “Operation identifier is not valid” when trying to recall a stored check.
  • Split cash payments closed the check with the amount due as change due. (Hotfixed in 3.5.138)
  • ChefTab: Voided items were no longer being removed from the KDS after 10 seconds had elapsed as designed.
  • The Open Discount % authorization page was displaying the input % value incorrectly.
  • The configuration for Quick Cash Payments wasn’t functioning as expected and instead enabled them for closed till’s and disabled them for opened till’s.
  • The POS was not correctly calculating some tax amounts resulting in a negative tax amount due.
  • Users with the setting configured to Manage Tills were not able to close tills already claimed by other users.
  • The “Send Order” button was not properly displaying at 100% width on the POS.
  • Claiming a Till did not enable an already added cash payment to be applied using the “Apply Payment” function.
  • TriPOS - Checks were not getting properly updated with the processorId and authorizationCode when Offline Payments were applied.
  • Suspending a check would cause the check description to be removed from the order.
  • Taxes configured to auto-apply weren’t getting added for items the first time it was added to an order.
  • The “Reconcile” button was unavailable after a Till had been claimed.
  • A Till could not be claimed  if “Floating Till” was set to “off” with the appropriate permissions enabled.

Reporting & Data Export

New Features

  • A new “Paid In/Out” report is now available within the “Payments” report group.
  • Synergy Suite - Checks can now be exported with the Item-Portion ID included. See “Item Portion Reporting Support - BETA” for more information below.
  • The Customer/Order Email address field used within Qu Web Ordering has been updated. 

Resolved Issues

  • The notes entered for a Paid In/Out transaction were not showing in the Comments section of the Tills Report.

Enterprise Intelligence (EI)

New Features

  • EI Users are now able to clone existing discounts the same way they can clone Global Item Definitions in Menu Groups.
  • Added Platform setting to configure Automatic or Manual Cash Drops for the POS
  • New POS security right to perform cash drops
  • New POS security right to Detach and Reattach Till
  • New Print Pre Auth Slip platform setting to enable check printing option on POS
  • Punchh POS & Kiosk platform setting now supports an optional Gift Card Processor.
  • New setting to Print Default Modifiers at kitchen route level.
  • New Delivery Setting at Store level that allows to set a Custom Area or a Delivery Radius.

Improvements / Enhancements 

  • Item Group Bulk Operation: when previewing an item group, now the system will show the final version of the group, allowing the user to manually update it and Save.
  • Item Group Bulk Operation: rows with errors were not being properly highlighted within the table in the Item Group Bulk editing operational flow.
  • Item Group Bulk Operation: Item Groups being edited in bulk that produce errors now display at the top of the Item Group list.
  • The Labor API now includes the locationId in each labor schedule and the store name is being shown in the labor schedule table.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an error where an incorrect finish Time value was being stored for meal periods that ended at midnight.
  • Employee Groups now can be successfully deleted even if they have job titles linked.
  • Fixed issue in permissions where users were able to grant more permissions than what they should.

Known Issues

  • Some settings added in current release are not fully implemented on POS side: 
    • Cash drops permissions were added to EI as Platform Settings

Web Ordering

New Features

  • Punchh Web Ordering Integration Improvement:  Support "Points Unlock Redeemables”.

Learn More about this feature

  • Qu Web Ordering now supports Aurus Ecom along with Express for payments.

Improvements / Enhancements

  • Orders now maintain a Check field that identifies the check out time for an order placed by the customer and is submitted to be processed.
  • Item level special instructions will now be sent as the last item modifier in order confirmation emails.

Resolved Issues

  • Users were receiving a pop up error to click thru on the “Review Order” page saying that the menu was not available.
  • Punchh LifetimePoints and totalActivePoints were not properly reverted after deleting a redeemable from an order.

Digital Integrations

New Features

  • Multiple Ordering options are now supported.  This accommodates the OLO “curbside” option along with “pick-up” and “delivery”.
  • Postmates - Support for Item default modifiers using custom mappings.

Resolved Issues

  • Postmates logging was updated to be human readable.
  • Postmates | DEV API was continually recycling.


New Features

  • Support and Display of Sales Forecasting within the App.
  • New Notify Access permission for Reporting Group Users.  

Improvements / Enhancements

  • How store level Real Time Metrics are retrieved has been optimized.
  • The App layout has been updated to accommodate Forecast and feature changes.
  • The Store Comparison data is now pulled from the new store-view endpoint.

Resolved Issues

  • The “See More” link was not working within the Store Comparison.
  • “Hour to" and "Hour From" titles were not centered in Configurations.
  • Alerts list would disappear after loading multiple pages of alerts.
  • Alerts were not filtering correctly by store.
  •  "Labor hours" and "Net Sales / Labor hours" metrics were always retrieved as 0 even when there was data causing the App to not display Labor hours properly.
  • The "Archive" button was incorrectly displaying on iOS devices when clicking on an Alert to get more information.
  • The Labor Drilldown screen duplicated the data every time the screen loaded
  • The radio buttons in the Filter date option would disappear.
  • Asking for labor returned net sales.
  • "Discount" as an inquiry term was not being understood.
  • Asking "open clocks in" resulted in incorrect responses.
  • "Service charges" was not being recognized as an inquiry term.
  • Asking "Last Clock out" as the search produced Net Sales information as a result.

Learn More About New Features

Cloning Discount Groups

There is now a new “Clone” Action available when viewing/editing a Discount Group within EI.  Using this action will clone the Discount Group and all related setting attributes. Clone.png

Known Issue

The current save confirmation dialog that appears when cloning states “menu group” instead of discount group.


Kitchen Routes - Print Default Modifiers


A new setting for Kitchen Route has been added that controls when Default Modifiers are going to be printed. The new logic should be as follows:

  1. The Setting at the Kitchen Route level will take priority over the Device level settings.
  2. If at Route level Print Default Modifiers = Use Device Setting. Then the Device setting will be used..

Note: These Kitching Routing configurations are not yet supported for QSR integrations.

Configuring Custom Delivery Area Settings

Besides being able to define delivery settings via a Maximum Delivery Radius, users will have the flexibility to configure their own custom delivery area.


In order to configure a custom delivery area, go to any Store, Delivery Settings tab and select: Custom Area


The system will request a KML file to be uploaded and once uploaded will show a map to preview the area. 


KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth. It can be created using google MyMaps ( and exported as a .kml file that will be recognised by the system. 


Note: Once this is fully implemented, the Platform Setting “Delivery Settings” will be deleted and the Store Delivery Settings will take place.


  • The store should have a valid address configured in EI so that the system can automatically generate coordinates for the location. Without coordinates there will be errors setting a delivery radius and custom zone.
  • The user must have permissions to Read and Update Store Delivery Area (two new actions in scope Store group).


  1. Find a store you want to set its delivery settings and make sure it has a valid address.
  2. Go to and create a new Map.
  3. Search the address and select: Add lines or draw a shape.


  1. Draw the shape on the map to create your custom delivery zone.


  1. Export the map as KMLfile: 


  1. Save the file and go to your store configurations, tab Delivery Settings
  2. Set Calculation Mode to Custom Area and upload, preview, save the file

Questions & Answers

How will this impact Web ordering store search? 

There should not be any visible change on the web ordering side, only technical changes.

Are we planning to replace .kml file upload with a drawable map?

Yes, it is in the roadmap to improve current implementation with a drawable map that will avoid having to use an external tool to create the area.

Is current platform setting configuration going to be migrated?

Yes, all stores with a delivery radius set will be migrated to the new structure. No data should be lost.

Aurus Payments Support for Qu Web Ordering:

Payment support using Aurus is now supported on web ordering as another payment type along with Express hosted payment. There is EI configuration needed to utilize this payment type.

Supported Payment Functions

Add a Payment to a Web Order:

Users can add card details in below mentioned fields. All fields are mandatory 

  1. Card Number (Same as Express)
  2. Expiry Month and year (Same as Express)
  3. Security code (Same as Express)
  4. Customer name (New Field) 

Store Saved Payment Information: (Same as Express)

Saved payment is also supported with Aurus. Logged in users can save a card by clicking the checkbox.

User can save multiple cards and can make payment using any single card at a time

Pay with Gift card: (Same as Express)

Users can use a gift card to make both full and partial payment. In case of partial payment with Gift card remaining balance can be paid using Aurus payment. Gift card will remain Mercury Gift card as we have currently in place today.

Refund flow from the POS In Store: (Same as  Express)

When a user initiates a refund amount on POS it will be considered as a new negative transaction. Users can refund a custom amount in Credit or Cash. Amount can be refunded to either the same or different credit card.

In case payment is made using the full amount using Gift card or using Gift card and credit card both. Then also it will be considered as new transaction and can be refunded to credit card or in cash on POS 


Qu Web Ordering embedded Aurus Iframe:

Iframe is now specific to Punchh. It is updated as shown in image below: 

All fields are required here


Note : in Aurus Iframe copy pasting credit card number does not work user have to type details number manually



There is a new Global Platform setting, a new Store level platform setting, and a new payment type required to set up Aurus Payments for Qu Web Ordering.

Aurus Hosted Global Level Platform Settings:




Required Fields:

Timeout *: 120
SDK Version *: 6.13.1

Aurus Hosted Store Level Platform Settings:





Required Fields

Corp ID *: Provided by Aurus

Card Type Support: Provided by Aurus

Domain Id *: Provided by Aurus

Merchant Identifier *: Provided by Aurus

Store Id *: Provided by Aurus (Not the Qu store Id)

Template Id *: Provided by Aurus

Terminal Id *: Provided by Aurus (this is the pinpad not POS Terminal)

Token Type: Provided by Aurus

URL Type: Provided by Aurus

Aurus Hosted Store Level Payment Type:




Required Fields:

Title *: Title for the Aurus Hosted Payment Type.
Category *: Credit
Processor *: Aurus Hosted

Item Portion Reporting Support - BETA 

Many BOH integrations do not natively support Portions as a configuration piece of Items; usually, they expect to have individual items for each item and portion combination.

In order to leverage EI’s Portion configuration, as of v139, Data Export API will offer a new export structure that converts Items with Portions into individual Items. 

See example below:


Consider the following item “Mac & Cheese” with portions “Regular” and “Large”:


Here is a comparison of the export of the item for the default structure and the new Item-Portion Unified structure:


The conversion consists in 3 steps:

  1. For each Portion that “Mac & Cheese” had configured, a new individual item was created.
  2. A new unique ID is generated for each new item (this ID is only visible on the API for now).
  3. The names for the new items are a combination of the Item’s and its Portion’s names.
    1. Item: “Mac & Cheese”
    2. Portion: “Regular”
    3. New Item: “Mac & Cheese, Regular” 


This also affects the checks export. See example below:


The check’s structure is almost identical. The only change is that “portion_id” is no longer specified on each item, and the new “item_id” is displayed instead.

Punchh Single Scan Setup and Flows

The Single Scan workflow includes the ability to pay with a stored Mercury card.  To configure Gift Card integration to support Punchh in store transactions, you’ll need to configure the optional store level platform setting “Punchh POS and Kiosk”  Gift Card Provider section.


  • Gift Card Provider: Mercury Gift


Customer Check-In with QR Code Flow


Customer Check-In and Pay with QR Code Flow


Customer Redeem Rewards and Check-In with QR Code Flow


Customer Check-In, Redeem Rewards and Pay with Gift Card via QR Code Flow


Punchh Points Unlock Redeemables Program & Qu Web Ordering:

Along with Punchh’s Visit Based and Banked Rewards programs, Qu Web Ordering now supports the new Punchh “Points Unlock Redeemable” program.  No specific configuration is required to support this program.

How It works:

Logged in users earn points by placing orders. The total Points balance in the user account will be shown as “Total earned Points” field. Once they have enough points these Punchh automatically converts these to available rewards. These rewards will be shown to users in the “Apply Rewards” section on the review order page on web ordering.

Applying rewards:

Users can now redeem these rewards by clicking on the “Apply” button shown in image below

Removing rewards: 

After applying rewards the “Apply”button is converted to “Remove”. So user can remove these rewards by clicking “Remove”

Upcoming rewards: 

Users will also be shown upcoming rewards with disabled button and points required to redeem the same so to let user collect the points for redeeming the reward of their choice 

Qu Web Order review page Update:

Order review page is updated to show apply rewards on the face of the customer. 


Note: The “Redeem Points” section from other supported program types is not shown when this program type is enabled by Punchh.

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