January 13, 2021 (v141)


Release Highlights

We’re constantly working to improve your experiences. Here’s a summary of what has changed:


  • Item Switching and Transition Items are supported on the POS, Kitchen Printer and Cheftab.
  • Managers can open and close drawers directly without claiming/unclaiming the till.
  • There is a new Gift Card Permissions to limit use of Activation and Reloads of Gift cards.
  • ChefTab:  Default Modifier deviation printing for Portions is now supported.
  • QSR Kitchen integration enhancements and fixes for certification.  See more info below.
  • Punchh Loyalty integration enhancements and fixes for certification.  See more info below.
  • Day Parts are now included in the Real Time Summary Report.  See more information below.
  • Skim totals and No Sales are now displayed on the Tills report.
  • Labor Hours for employees that are not required to clock in can now be filtered in Real Time Summary
  • Web Ordering now supports a Catering Order Channel from the landing page. See below for more information. 
  • Notify - The App now walks a new user through a series of onboarding screens to familiarize them with the functions and layout of the app. 

Summary of New/Changed EI Settings

  • POS permission - Manager's Approval for Gift Card Activation and Reload.

POS / InStore 

New Features

  • Item Switching and Transition Items.  See below for more information.
    • Item Switching - Format Modifiers/Items portions
    • Item Switching - Modifiers defaults
    • Item Switching - ChefTab Integration
  • No Sales - Managers can open and close drawers directly without claiming/unclaiming the till.
  • There is a new Gift Card Permissions to allow Activation and Reloads from the POS.

Improvements / Enhancements 

  • Improved Login and Clock In behavior.  Employees now only login with the same Job Title as they’re clocked in as on the POS.
  • The Open Checks screen now displays a checks Description/Guest field.
  • Credit/Debit Prompt Suppression is now supported with Tripos v5.20.
    • Both for 3.5 and 2.0.
  • ChefTab:  Default Modifier deviation printing for Portions is now supported.
  • QSR Kitchen Improvements
    • QSR: Default modifiers on child items enhancement
    • QSR: Include weighted items
    • QSR - Duplicate Items
    • QSR: Department and Category mapping
    • QSR - Fix PATCH
    • [QSR - Removing an item modifier was not removing the children
    • QSR Modifier and quantity updates were not sending the item to the kitchen when item requirements were met.
    • QSR Deleting an item or modifier improperly lowered the total by only 1.
  • Punchh Loyalty Improvements
    • Punchh Integration change: pos_type & pos_version
    • Punchh Integration change: User-Agent header
    • Tax charges of type "T" were not being sent as part of the Loyalty transaction.
    • Punchh customer info is now shown on a reopened check
    • Punchh - The Buttons and Reward Options in the UI now are correct on reopened checks.
    • Punchh - Linked customer was not shown on suspended checks.
    • Punchh enrollment: No error message was shown during issues with user creation.
    • Punchh: Duplicate Receipts were being included as part of the Loyalty transaction.
    • Item level discounts were not sent as a modifier discount item of the parent item.
    • Loyalty check modification with points enabled was not supported.
    • Voids were not being handled properly on checks with points enabled.
    • Log details is not properly adjusted to Location Config log level settings
    • Pressing Remove button shows Success message, even reward was not present on the check.
    • Punchh shows an error when performing an empty search

Resolved Issues

  • Quick Cash Payments were enabled with an unclaimed Till and Require Till Assignment Off.
  • The Time Clock Activity report close button was cut off on the screen.
  • The Future Order calendar prompt was not functioning properly.
  • The Weight Calculator did not recognize changes in input values when using the backspace function.

Known Issues

  • Item Switching - The ChefTab Fire Mode “Fire on Next” is not currently supported.

Reporting & Data Export

New Features

  • RPT - Day Parts are now included in Reporting.  See more information below.
  • RPT - Total Skimmed Amount is displayed on the Tills report
  • RPT - No Sales are now displayed on the Tills report
  • RPT - Labor Hours from employees that are not required to clock in can now be filtered in Real Time Summary

Improvements / Enhancements

  • RPT - Tooltips are now displayed Next to the Column Name

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue with the Amount Paid column sometimes displayed an incorrect amount on the Check Details report
  • Paid In/Paid out report - Error 400 when trying to export or print the report
  • Reporting 3.5 - Cross Brand (Store Comp) has the columns styles corrupted
  • Error 500 when executing Hourly Sales Report

Known Issues

  • Real Time Summary Day Parts filter does not include calculations for:
    • Regular Hours
    • Overtime Hours
    • Labor Cost
    • Total Labor %
  • No sales Section within the Summary report will always display 0. The section has been hidden from the report until the proper fix comes with v142. 

Enterprise Intelligence (EI)

New Features

  • POS permission - Manager's Approval for Gift Card Activation and Reload.
  • POS permissions - Manager's Approval for Pre-auth Slip modifications. POS part is still pending

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue in menu groups that caused categories to be deleted in other menus within the same menu group.
  • Fixed issue where the coupon code field was disappearing after changing to conditional discount
  • Fixed issue where after creating an item path definition and refreshing, the sections didn’t load correctly.
  • Fixed issue that generated multiple duplicate time entries when the Save button was pressed multiple times.
  • Fixed UI issue in Delivery Settings where Radius number was erased after changing the Delivery Type.
  • A success message was added after saving Delivery Settings in Store configurations.
  • Fixed issue when an item page was refreshed or loaded directly via URL.
  • Small issue fixed in platform setting filters when trying to add a new one.
  • Small UI issue was fixed in the Test Groups screen.

Web Ordering

New Features

  • New Online Catering Web Order Channel. See below for more information.  
    • An option to select Catering channel from home page is added to support catering order on Web Ordering
    • Support separate "Web Catering" order channel for Web ordering
  • When an order type is not available in case user lands on web with direct link, then web will now default to pickup store menu with a message


Improvements / Enhancements

  • Updated formatting for delivery address in order basket. So now it display "[Line 1]" +", [Line 2]" on emails
  • When user is on make payment page and time get expired then user will now be navigated to review order page with a message and time slot will be updated
  • All payments will be removed/reverted when a user leaves the  make payment page for any reason other than a success order

Resolved Issues

  • WO | The header bag button count showed the incorrect quantity of items in the order.
  • WO | Portions were not showing when editing an item from basket
  • WO | Portion selections were not showing on items in the basket
  • WO | Holiday Messages were being shown every time you accessed the menu.
  • WO | The “Done” button didn't pin to the bottom in nested modifiers on mobile devices.
  • WOAPI | The Accept orders with store closed setting was not returning the correct value

Known Issues

  • On the day of a holiday closure the menu data is unreachable and causes the store menu page to not load
  • There are known issues for order_type and order_channel, regarding the fact that anyone is able to fill in those parameters with any value. 
    • When direct linking with an order type name, even if it's not even configured for the company, the name used in the URL is being shown on the site 
    • In the url you are able to fill in any order channel, like “In Store”, for order_channel parameter and seeing the application react and filter based on that order channel


Note: The recommended URl for direct linking should be : “https://webordering-sp.qubeyond.com/{cid}/{store_id}/?order_channel=Web%20Catering”

Digital Integrations

Improvements / Enhancements

  • Reporting Information was missing Data for Integrations
    • PM | Save information to integration-data fields based on partner
    • UE | Save information to integration-data fields based on partner
    • DD | Save information to integration-data fields based on partner
    • OLO | Save information to integration-data fields based on partner

Resolved Issues

  • PM | Uncompressed menus would break storage and menu updates


New Features

  • The Notify App now includes onboarding screens introducing users to the sections of the app on their initial login.
  • Paid and Unpaid Break Hours can now be seen.
  • Users are now shown a prompt indicating the number of unseen alerts.

Improvements / Enhancements

  • Application styles have been unified for Android and iOS.
  • The push notifications for a single alert now display as short text 

Resolved Issues

  • Loading alerts never stopped
  • Void Count on employee-view was not showing values
  • Notification for 1 alert didn’t go to alert detail
  • Within the Shift drill down screen the store selector wasn’t showing the store name
  • Sudden style change in IOS with no apparent reason
  • A partial line remains when changing between Custom and Month tabs in Filter by Date


Learn More About New Features

Online Catering with Web Ordering

Guests can now order from a customer’s catering menu if it’s configured in EI. The overall user flow and experience is the same as web ordering, with the major change is the menu displayed is from the Catering order channel instead of Web. 

All Web Catering menus, store hours and context-related settings should be handled using “Web Catering”

Additionally, all platform settings use the catering channel as well, allowing the customer to change order limits and timings to be specific to catering.

Option to select Catering on Home Page

When the catering order channel is enabled on a given location, a “Catering” and “Order Online”options  will appear on the Home page. 

When “Catering is selected then the web page will be updated for Catering 

Home page template, Locations and Menu all will be specific to channel selected from home page

Banner on menu page

When the catering order channel is enabled on a given location, a banner will appear on the menu page with a link to catering. When clicked, the link will open a new window which loads the catering menu and settings.

Direct linking

Customers can directly link to a catering menu from their site using a parameter in the URL:



Future Order Acceptance Days

Support added for an updated platform setting: “Future Order Acceptance Days”. This setting now has 2 parameters:


  1. Minimum days - lowest number of days in advance an order can be placed. 
    1. 0 = same day, 1 = tomorrow, 2 = two days from now, [...]
  2. Maximum days - highest number of days in advance an order can be placed.
    1. 0 = same day only, 1 = tomorrow, 2 = two days, [...]


This setting can be set with a context specific to web and/or catering to allow for differing order limits. For example, you can set standard web orders to have 0-7 which would allow for up to a week in advance, and then have web 


  1. Customers must have Web Catering order channel enabled on their account 
  2. Web Catering should be enabled on the Global and store group for the location.
  3. Customers must have web ordering configured and enabled.




“Web Catering Channel configuration:


Global configuration 

  • A separate “Web Catering Order channel should be configured on Global level :
    • Configuration>> Order Channels>> Enable Web Catering


Store Group :

  • A separate “Web Catering Order channel should be configured on store level for enabling catering for that store
    • Configuration>> Store Group>> Order Channels>> Enable Web Catering

The following MUST be updated for catering, based on the needs of the customer:

  • The Menu!
    1. If catering is not defined specifically, it will pull the default definition which is usually the POS menu.
    2. Customers may want to change category titles to be specific for catering to avoid confusion with regular categories. Ex. “Catering Entrees” or “Sandwich Platters”
  • Order channels enabled/disabled for the global and store groups.
    1. You must disable the channel in order to hide the banner on the web.
  • Store Hours
    1. You must ensure the store hours for catering channel are correct
  • Delivery Settings per store
    1. You must properly context all delivery settings for web and catering in case they are different.
  • Payment Types
    1. You must ensure that the payment type context for hosted payments includes catering

The following SHOULD be updated to have a specific catering context, based on the needs of the customer:

  • Store/Group Level Settings:
    1. Future Order Acceptance Days
    2. Min Max Order Limits
    3. Bucket Scheduling
    4. Kitchen Buffer Lead Time
    5. Print Kitchen Ticket

The following CAN be updated to have a specific catering context, based on the needs of the customer:

  • UI Template Settings
    1. The catering page will adopt different colors, fonts, and layouts based on the settings for the order channel. Customers can choose a different logo or custom colors to differentiate from the standard menu


Questions and Answers


What about custom payment options such as partial upfront payments?

Support for this will require changes to payments integrations and is not on the roadmap. If we build a more expansive catering product, it will be part of that initiative.


How can we make the orders print outside of store hours so that orders can print prior to store opening?

Change the Print Kitchen Ticket setting to “Custom Time” and set the desired length of time. 


The custom time option will ignore store hours, whereas the “As soon as it comes in” prints at the beginning of the day the order is expected.


What happens if “Web catering” is disabled but “Catering”is enabled ?

Here Catering  channel will be disabled for the web channel. For Supporting Catering on the Web we need to enable the “Web Catering”channel both on Global and Store group level

Day Parts in Reporting

Day Parts are used for filtering reporting metrics by different hour ranges of the day.


Day Parts are defined globally for all locations. In order to create or edit Day Parts go to the top menu in Configuration > Reports and then on the left side menu, click on Day Parts.

On this page, all existing Day Parts are listed with their configured hours range:

Day Parts are configured by defining a Title and Hours Range

After configuring all Day Parts click on “Save”

The system will validate that:

  1. No Day Parts are overlapping
  2. The complete 24 hours of the day have been divided into payparts


As of version 141, Day Parts are supported on the Real Time Summary Report. To access that report go to the top menu and click on Reports > Overview. Once the report’s page has loaded, click on “Expand” to see all filters

By default, all Day Parts are included in the results:

To filter the results by one (or multiple) Day Parts, click on the “Day Parts list” button, then in “+ Add”. On the new dialog, select one or many Day Parts, then click on “Close” and on “Run Report”

All metrics will be calculated based only on the information generated during the selected day parts.


As of version 141, the following metrics are not being calculated when using the Day Parts filter:

  • Regular Hours
  • Overtime Hours
  • Labor Cost
  • Total Labor %

Item Switching and Transition Items

Cashiers can now ring in an item and then change it to a similar item or “make it a combo” starting with the main item. This feature supports better conversational ordering. Customers can more easily make changes to an item without requiring the cashier to cancel and restart all the modifications to the item. So while previously once a base item was selected you could only change it's modifiers or remove it and add a different item, now you can change the base item but preserve the changes to the modifiers.

Key Points:

  • Transition Items are items that a user can configure to transition to, when using the item switching feature. These are the only items that will be visible as choices to transition to. This is done in EI

  • When we switch from one item to next, the selections from the original item are remembered unless those selections are not available in the transition item.
  • When we switch from one item to next the default selections for the transition item are overwritten by what the user had selected unless those selections are not available in the transition item.
  • This feature is not available on Web Ordering or Third Party Integrations only on the POS.
  • Transition item feature only works for the root item (the item added to the category), for child items use portions


Let's say we configure two chicken items in Enterprise Intelligence;  a 2 Piece Dark item and a2 PC white item. Both items come with Sides and Drinks. The Sides and Drink choices are the same. This all works the same way as before. The new configuration option is a list of Transition items. The transition item in this case for the 2 Piece Dark item is the 2 Piece White item and for the 2 Piece White it it would be the 2 Piece Dark item.


Let’s say a user selects a 2 Piece Dark and also picks a mashed potato on the side. Then they change their mind and order a 2 Piece White. 


In that case the item will be changed to 2 Piece White but the mashed potatoes side will remain selected as you transition between the two items because it is available on both items as an option.



Enterprise Intelligence

There are two new configurations required to enable item switching. First the list of transition items has to be set in any item added into a Category. 

Go to a Menu Group > a Menu > a Category > an Item and add transition items:

Then we need to hide those transition items from the POS. To do this open those items and under Display Attributes there is a new toggle to make them Visible or not.

Transition Items on the POS 


  1. Showing Combo 2 PC Mix as the initial item selected and displayed on the KDS

  1. Item Switched to a 2 PC Dark, all selection choices remain selected, Spicy Breast is removed because it is not part of the 2 PC Dark Combo 

Questions & Answers

Will this affect reporting in any way? 

No, the item switch happens on the POS and the item finally added to the check will be the one being reported afterwards.

What items are available to transition to? 

Only items included in the same Category are available to use as transition items. Besides, this configuration is only available via menu path.

What about transition items in Child Items?

Transition item feature only works for the root item (the item added directly under the category), for transition of child items use portions. Also if users are using data export API, use the treat portion as item flag to get Items IDs for child item portions.


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