February 3, 2021 (v142)


Release Highlights

We’re constantly working to improve your experiences. Here’s a summary of what has changed:


  • Send, Suspend and Print Order functions have been combined into a single Platform Setting to provide more flexibility and allow multiple combinations of these actions (Action required prior to POS upgrade).

    • There are new Send and Suspend Permissions to limit use of these actions.

  • Skims are now supported with POS Alerts now providing notification when at configured Skim limit. 

    • Reporting can now handle Skims separate from paid outs.

  • ChefTab and Kitchen Receipts: Weighted items are now supported.

  • ChefTab and Kitchen Receipts: To avoid confusion, voided items are no longer sent to the kitchen nor  displayed on kitchen receipts.

  • Punchh Loyalty integration enhancements and fixes for certification.

  • QSR Kitchen integration enhancements and fixes for certification.

  • New reporting filter for Edited shifts in Labor Summary for faster auditing.

  • Doordash integration now supports 86’ing of items in 10 minutes and full menu update in 1 hr. 

  • There is an updated top navigation bar in Qu Web Ordering.

  • Notify - Product tour on notify can now be rerun from the menu

  • Notify - Smart alerts have a new design

Summary of New/Changed EI Settings



  • New POS permission and setting to configure Suspend, Send, and Print is added 

  • There is a new setting to turn on “Skims”. Previously unused setting “Cash Drops” was renamed 


POS / InStore 

New Features

  • Send, Suspend and Print settings have been combined to allow “send” only without suspend and also remove complexity in settings. See below

  • Skims are now supported  and POS alerts now show when the skim limit is reached. Skims are now a separate item in reporting and not included as part of paid outs. See below

  • ChefTab: Voided items are no longer sent to the kitchen nor displayed in kitchen receipts

  • ChefTab: Weighted items are now supported.

  • Kitchen Receipts: Weighted items are now supported.

Improvements / Enhancements 

  • The Suspend, Send and Print Button name on the POS will display as configured to function.

  • Skims are now included on the End of Day Report.

  • Skims are now included on the End of Shift Report

  • No Sale dialog now specifies the Till Name

  • QSR:  Integration has been updated to now support a backup/redundancy printer

  • QSR: When resending a closed check it is categorized properly as a resend.

Resolved Issues

  • Check balance due no longer resets to 0 after performing a balance lookup in a check that has a cancelled activation.

  • Aurus - Authorized payments were not able to be refunded

  • Now you can not claim the Till if cash drawer is not configured

  • Employees now cannot perform a Paid Out greater than the Current Cash in till

  • Weighed items will show the weight in check details and kitchen orders

  • Sizes are now showing after QuickRecall

  • Reopened check payment views now does not have an extra payment box

  • Item switching - ChefTab banner would move 1 space to the right with each blink.

  • On the Guest facing display the  root item and modifiers are updated as soon as entered and not one behind 

  • Clocking/Logging in as an employee with 2 job titles where 1 has mag card auth disabled didn't popup job title list.

  • The Description field was cut off on the Open Checks screen.

  • Terminal Sharing Fixes

    • Corrupted DB caused by concurrency collision is now resolved

    • Failure to send open checks to target terminals in a 4 terminal data sharing group is fixed

  • QSR Kitchen Fixes

    • Same Item will now have the Item Number

    • QSR item notes were not being shown

    • Print Default Modifiers deviation text is now working on Fire on next  and Fire on fly

  • Punchh Loyalty Fixes

    • Scanned voucher is now auto applied to the check

    • Point redemption was not calculated properly when redeeming a reward and points with a qualified item in check.

    • Multiple discounts were not getting applied to check when both rewards applied as check level discounts.

    • Points and voucher buttons weren't visible after a reopen and refund.

    • Receipt Trailer message alignment is fixed.

    • With Single Scan flow we now restrict multiple users in the same check.

    • With Single Scan flow we now remove the payment box if the guest is removed.

    • Fixed Incorrect behavior when 2 promo/redemption codes were applied

    • POS Memo Items were not passed in the check receipt details to Punchh

    • The order type order channel details were not sent as part of Punchh transactions.

    • Cancelling a payment didn't refund all rewards when multiple rewards had been applied.

    • Process transactions would fail if the Punchh url was not configured properly in EI.

    • Reward was not visible after canceling a payment with the same reward applied.

    • Short QR Code scanning would fail.

Reporting & Data Export

New Features

  • Labor Hours from employees that are not required to clock in can now be filtered in the Summary and Summary by Date Reports.

  • It is now possible to filter Shifts in Labor Summary report based on whether they were edited or not.

  • A new column was included in the Labor Summary report titled "Adjusted". This indicates whether the information on the shift was edited in EI.

Improvements / Enhancements

  • Skims are now supported on the End of Day and End of Shift Reports.

Resolved Issues

  • Summary Report - Tips -> Credit incorrectly included amounts in reopened checks.

  • Tip info in Summary by Date Report didn’t match.

  • Fixed an issue in PDFs line spacing, now they correctly match across pages and exports.

  • Check Detail - Voided/Returned checks appeared twice when using range filters.

  • Data Export - dateTimeUtc was not included in the response.

  • Summary - No sales were not properly being calculated.

  • The Labor-view endpoint returned an incorrect value for tips.

  • Labor Summary - Fixed typo in the “Last Edit By” tooltip.

  • Summary - No sales were not counted on Summary if they were made the same time as the clock in.

Known Issues

  • The Paid In/Out report was showing more results than expected. This will be fixed in the next version, for now the report will be hidden and exports of data will be provided to clients. 

Enterprise Intelligence (EI)

New Features

  • New POS Permission to allow employees to Suspend orders and Send to the kitchen

  • New Platform Setting to configure Suspend, Send, and Print

Improvements / Enhancements

  • The Setting previously named “Cash Drops” was renamed to “Skims”.

  • The POS Login screen now allows up to 50 characters in the username

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue where users couldn’t save Discounts after updating just the Maximum Usages toggle.

  • Payroll Profiles could be overridden after having created time entries in the system.

Web Ordering

New Features

  • New Navigation Bar for Web and Mobile layouts 

Improvements / Enhancements

  • Internal logging has been improved for checkout validation and failure errors.

Resolved Issues

  • The “order_channel” direct link parameter will now only work for “web” and “Web catering” channels.

  • Resolved issue with the new delivery area setting that contributed to order checkout failures.

  • Fixed an issue where default items were not being properly removed when the user changed from the default option.

Digital Integrations

New Features

The DoorDash integration has been overhauled for better reliability, scalability and maintainability! We also added some highly requested changes for our DoorDash-enabled customers:

  • Menu updates now occur hourly throughout the day instead of once a day overnight so your menu is always fresh

    • This also includes updates to store hours in the event that a store needs to be closed early during the day

  • 86/Stockout updates now occur every 10 minutes instead of hourly so your inventory is always up to date

  • Configuration settings have been added to allow for customization of the order channel and order type used for generating the menu


Customers currently using DoorDash will be transitioned to the new service seamlessly by the Qu Ops team in an orderly fashion over the next few weeks. A similar overhaul of the UberEats integration is also coming very soon. 

Resolved Issues

  • Portions now display in the proper order on Postmates 

  • Resolved an issue related to error logging with OLO integration

  • Resolved an issue where default items were not properly being removed on radio selections


New Features

  • The product tour option (onboarding screens) is now permanently available within the App.

  • Smart Alerts now have a new design.

Improvements / Enhancements

  • Shift details - Improved consistency between screens.

  • All the clock ins/outs of the employee per store and date are displayed

Resolved Issues

  • Loading icon now is displayed correctly 

  • Loading icons now are placed correctly. 

  • The onboarding screen close button now is fully visible

  • Configurations - Notification settings - Some lines were only partially displayed.

  • Smart Alerts - Fixed color scheme on smart alert tiles.

Learn More About New Features


Employees can now perform Skims on a Till at the POS. POS Alerts can also be set-up within EI to notify managers of the need of a Skim once a certain cash threshold has been reached.


In the example below, we have set-up an automatic notification once the cash in till reaches $1000. If the mode is set to Manual, we let the manager do the Skim without any previous notification.

Current Cash vs Expected Cash

We have introduced a new concept called “Current Cash”. Because of the nature of the Skims, we need to track in-store cash skims that do not affect global operations (when reconciling the till, the pulled cash is added together to calculate the cash on hand compared to expected cash owed). All in-store operations that require altering the cash amount contribute to what is now considered “Current Cash”. At the end of the day, for reporting purposes, the equation would be the following:

POS notifications

Based on Skims Platform Setting being enabled, the POS receives notifications like this one.

Skims in Reports

The total amount of skimmed cash for each till can be found in the Tills report through the following steps:

  1. Go to Reports > Payments > Tills

  2. Expand the filters and add “Skims” to the Fields list

    Note: Remember that you can save the report with the desired filters and fields for quick access in the future by clicking on the “Save As” button.

  3. Click on “Run Report”

For a detailed view and list of all Skims performed to a specific Till:

  1. Access to the till’s details by clicking on its Starting Cash

  1. On the dialog, the complete list of till actions will be displayed, including Skims:


Send, Suspend and Print

Reason for Change

There were four independent Platform Settings that are now combined into a new one. 


Current settings:

  • Print On Suspend By Default

  • Send Order On Suspend By Default

  • Suspend Order Allowed

  • Quick Suspend

  • Option for CounterService mode 

New functionality

There is a new Platform Setting called Send, Suspend and Print that groups all the functionality that was split into 5 Platform Settings and also covers the missing functionality that was not present like Send without Suspend.. 


A new option is added to allow employees to override current configuration for quick action. 

If the setting is turned off, POS displays only one button with the Quick Actions of Suspending an Order and Sending to Kitchen. 


Note: POS won’t validate permissions with the Quick Actions

If the setting is turned on, POS displays two buttons:

  1. The first one with the Quick Actions of Suspending an Order and Sending to Kitchen

  2. The second one, provides the employee with the capability to customize the actions. By default the POS selects Suspend Order and Send to Kitchen, but the employee can change that.


Note: POS won’t validate permissions with the Quick Actions but will do with the customized version


Questions & Answers

Are the old settings still working?


Yes - as long as v141 is the version installed on the POS.  Once the POS is upgraded to v142 the only valid Platform Setting is Send, Suspend and Print. Please review the soon to be deprecated Platform Settings (QuickSuspend, SuspendOrderAllowed,PrintOnSuspendByDefault, SendOrderOnSuspendByDefault) while they are still available in EI. (they have been marked deprecated and will be deleted in the future when there are no POS running versions prior v142)


Have the old settings been migrated into the new one?

Yes, the old settings that were already configured were migrated to the new one. Migration details: 

  • Suspend Order Allowed is mapped to: Suspend Order 

  • Send Order On Suspend By Default is mapped to: Send to Kitchen 

  • Print On Suspend By Default is mapped to Print Receipt 

  • Quick Suspend = True is mapped to "Allow employee to override current configuration" = False  

  • And when Quick Suspend = false, then the new setting is True


What if old and new settings are configured for a POS running v142?

Only the new setting is going to be considered.

Has the setting Counter Service Mode been changed?

No, the setting remains the same as before for now. But it will no longer affect Suspend, Send and Print functionality. 



Top Nav Bar is updated on WO


The Top Nav bar is updated for all pages on the Web as part of UI UX updates. This gives a better and cleaner look to the web header.

  • The logo is now center-aligned. Thus supporting logo with wider dimensions  

  • Bag and profile icons are moved to right side 

  • Order setting option with store name are moved to left side making it look cleaner 


Click to action:

  • When user click on Logo: 

  1. On “Menu page” then he is navigated to location search page

  2. On “Customisation” or “Order review”  page then he is navigated to Menu page

  3. On “Payment page” then he is navigated to “Review order” page                

  • User click “Date and Time” Order settings window will open

  • On clicking “Store Name” user will be navigated to location search page

  • On clicking “Bag icon” opens Bag slider

  • On clicking “Profile icon” it opens:

o Login slider for guest user

o Profile page for logged in user





  1. Customers must have Web order channel enabled on their account 



No configuration change made here. 

  • All templates and fonts settings should be configured in EI as we are doing currently

  • Update logo with wider dimensions



Questions and Answers


Do we need any configuration for enabling this?

No these changes will be automatically applied for all customers 









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